Finding a tenant is one thing, but making sure that the tenant is suitable is another.

We make sure that all necessary references and taken out and help with the preparation of suitable Tenancy Agreements and inventories. Once we have found a suitable tenant we then undertake regular inspection visits, to ensure your place is kept up together.

The following services are included in our reasonable monthly fees:

    * Advertising in the press, on our website, and property portals
* Regularly checks of your property
* Preparation of annual expenditure report for tax purposes
* Settling of repairs and maintenance bills

Property Inspections

We will agree with you a regular inspection schedule for both tenanted and untenanted properties
Repairs & maintenance

All   necessary maintenance and repairs will be organised and executed immediately in order to avoid further damage. We will agree pre-approved expenditure levels and seek your approval for repairs over a prescribed amount.

Rent Collection

This service is included if the property is tenanted.

Payment of bills

All regular payments will be made on behalf of the landlord if funds are available. The Landlord is liable for the payment of all utilities and rates bills.

Notice to tenants

At an agreed time prior to the termination of the tenancy agreement, a letter will be sent to the tenants on the landlord’s request in order to ensure the tenants renew their agreement on time or to vacate the property as per the original tenancy agreement.