7 Tips To Hosting The Perfect Viewing

You’ve bagged yourself a viewing? Terrific. Now the fun starts. Making sure your home is in top condition and you may just bag an offer. Here are 7 tips to hosting the perfect viewing…

Opening Gambit

Don’t under estimate the importance of your entrance. If you’re kerb appeal is strong viewers will be practically begging to enter. If you’re entrance is dismal, they may not even want to. Sure, the key rooms in a property are your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. But if you’re entrance resembles the gates of hell, those key rooms won’t come off half as strong. Make your entrance bright and welcoming. De weed the walk way. Clean your double glazing and polish brass fittings. Have fresh flowers in the hall way. Open curtains and windows to air out your home.

Be Positive

Understand that your persona and appearance will be just as important to a viewer as the appearance of your house. A home is in many ways a reflection of the owner. If you’re moody and stressed consider how your house will come across to potential buyers. Think happy owner, happy house.

Kitchen Is Key

By and large, the heart of any home is the kitchen and like the heart, it needs to be efficient and clean. De-clutter and remove any appliances such as toasters and kettles to create more space. Clean and put away washing up – you’d be surprised at how often this doesn’t happen. Ovens, hobs and microwaves attract grease and dirt like no tomorrow, so ensure these areas are scrubbed clean. Functionality is the goal. Kitchens are usually on the receiving end of mess – it’s important it’s not in this condition come viewings.

To Show Or Not To Show…

…that is the question. Once you’ve welcomed viewers, it will be important to gauge whether they wish to roam or be shown. Some viewers will rather you be hands on, showing them around. Others will prefer to explore for themselves. If they choose to be shown it’s important you don’t come across too pushy for the sale. Oh, and if your property has a unique selling point, save that trump card till last! Of course, your Local Property Expert will also be on hand to conduct viewings should you need them.

Take Advantage Of Your Garden

A garden can be a real bonus when undertaking viewings. Although the focus will quite rightly be on the interior of the property. A well-kept garden could be the difference between securing an offer and not.


It’s important to realise that once your home is up for sale, it is effectively no longer yours. You need to distance yourself from the attachment a home creates and understand that seeing it as a house rather than a home will benefit your chances of selling.

No Pets Allowed

Although cute, Rover will only get in the way and may distract viewers from picturing themselves living in the property. Some viewers may also have allergies and fears of certain animals – so play it safe and find a way to remove them temporarily from the property.

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